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In the mid 90s Kitec plumbing was promoted as a cheap and easy to use alternative for copper piping. Kitec promised to be the perfect replacement to other piping, as it was said not to corrode and cost a fraction of the price. Unfortunately, many homeowners found out the hard way that Kitec actually corroded at an accelerated rate and was extremely faulty, resulting in premature pipe failure when high water pressure is experienced. Homes and condos alike across Canada that use Kitec are vulnerable to not only leakage but also major flooding caused by the pipes bursting. Although Kitec was recalled in 2005 many homeowners in Toronto and the GTA still have the unreliable Kitec plumbing system. The horrors caused by this product include costly home renovation and devalued housing prices. Those who are able to get in front of the problem completely replace the Kitec pipes with copper or uponor piping. Although this process requires plumbers behind walls and in ceilings the temporary mess is not only responsible but costs a fraction of the price the potential damages would.

If you are unsure whether or not your home is using a Kitec system, you will want to check around your hot water tank, or beneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks.


Kitec Piping is often identified as a bright orange or bright blue plastic pipe depending on whether or not the line is running hot or cold water. These pipes are connected with a brass fitting especially noticable at the manifold (a central location where pipes branch off throughout the home, often found next to the hot water tank in a home). These pipes are also brandished with an obvious “KITEC XPA”, “IPEX AQUA”, “PLUMBBETTER”, “KTC”, or simply “KITEC”. The first step to the Kitec Problem is being able to identify its use, followed by immediate response of acquiring professional assistance. If you find your home is running Kitec plumbing and wish to remove it, give Koala Plumbing a call today for a free quote.


The average cost to remove and replace the Kitec plumbing for a 1 bedroom condo in Toronto is an average of $6,000.00 to $8,500.00. There are certain insurance companies that refuse to insure homes with Kitec as they are considered high risk. There is also difficulty selling homes with Kitec if the plumbing is disclosed to the buyer. Another way to tell if your home has Kitec Piping is to know the age of the house you live in. If your current home or the home you are buying was built anywhere between 1995-2007 it could very well have Kitec plumbing. Kitec pipes are made up of plastic shell and an aluminum inner lining.