Koala Plumbing is made up of licensed plumbers who are experienced in Kitec removal and replacement in homes and condos across Toronto, the GTA, and Southern Ontario.

Replacing Kitec Across Toronto & the GTA for a Decade!

Our plumbers are all fully licensed and certified to remove Kitec and replace it with your choice of Uponor or Copper Pipe. Koala Plumbing is safe, clean, and efficient!

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Licensed, Trained & Insured.

Our plumbers are above the rest not only in their passion but also their specific trade education. Their expertise is diversified and recognized by the Ontario College of Trades. While their work experience stems from a multitude of high-rise condos and homes throughout Toronto, the GTA, and the Golden Horseshoe. Koala plumbing takes pride being trained, licensed, and insured. All of our plumbers work with the upmost professionalism!

Process from A-Z.

We streamline the process with extreme protective measures taken to ensure the mess of renovation is controlled, minimal surgical holes made in the drywall to locate and replace the Kitec Pipe, line testing of the new pipe, and a thorough cleaning which can include drywall replacement and painting. Koala is a one stop shop for Kitec replacement that can be tailored specific to your wants and needs. Our work is so clean, you won’t even know we were there!

Our Services.

Koala Plumbers are licensed, trained, and specialized in Kitec Removal and Replacement. However, we are also experts in all things plumbing related. Our plumbers can rough-in a new bathroom or kitchen in your basement, install or inspect back water valves, replace shower heads and valves, install faucets and toilets, and replace water lines in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Call Koala for any residential plumbing needs and receive a free quote today!

If you discover Kitec plumbing in your home, don’t panic, but there may be cause for concern. Let Koala help you keep your property safe and worry-free!

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Get a Quick Quote

There are a number of factors that go into giving you an accurate quote for removing your kitec plumbing such as

  1. If you already have eligible mechanical drawings
  2. the number of fixtures in the home
  3. the number of floors
  4. how the condominiums main water shutoff is set up

However, we may be able to provide a rough estimate via email or phone to give you an idea of what it would cost.